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Amblyopia Patches

Occlusive Eye Patches

I have introduced as assortment of exciting occlusive eye patches for infants and children. These patches are designed for the treatment of amblyopia. They can be comfortably worn for long periods. The patches are made from 100% Mercerized cotton. They are breathable, absorbent, resist mold and mildew, highly durable, colorfast, easy to clean and comfortable in any climate. All of these patches are expertly crafted by hand in the USA. The appliques are hand sewn onto each patch. The laces will not stretch or break under normal use. These eye patches will outlast the competition several times over. Under normal care they will last a lifetime. Easy care: machine wash, any temperature setting, no bleach, reshape, dry flat. Patches and laces can be pressed with an iron set on cotton setting. These beautiful eye patches can be matched to wardrobe. They are ergonomically designed to fit and cup around the eye for maximum wearer comfort.
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