Expanded Designer Eye Patch Collection!

I have an awesome collection of all-climate long-term-wear eyepatches.
I am introducing a number of double and triple-twined designer eyepatches. These are available in sizes for adults, children and babies. These eye patches are of exceptionally high quality. The triple-twined eyepatches are my most crafted pieces. They are difficult to construct, but they are the most durable eyepatches I make. All my eyepatches are handmade, as with everything else that you see on this site. I have ergonomically designed these eyepatches for long term comfort wearability. The materials are natural, highly lustrous, breathable, absorbent, colorfast, machine washable and extremely durable. The laces on my eyepatches will not stretch or break under normal use. Follow the easy care instructions and these eyepatches can last a lifetime and they'll look as good as new. Overall, these eyepatches will save you a fortune because you'll never have to replace them. This is a big difference between my eyepatch products and the machine made imports from Asia. Also, all my eyepatches are crafted by hand in the USA! I have sold them to satisfied customers around the world!