High Quality Handcrafted Knitwear Creations For Life

World's Finest Handmade Long-Term Wear Eye Patch

The Patriot Patch

I am introducing a triple-twined Pearl Cotton eyepatch. It takes twice as long to handcraft these eye patches, or four times as long as the original line, which has been discontinued. This is the crown jewel of the eye patch collection. It will last a lifetime, is colorfast, resists mold and mildew and is machine washable. The Patriot Patch is designed for ultimate wearer comfort. It is ergonomically designed to cup around the eye socket and rest on the cheekbone. It can be worn all day without causing the eye to sweat or become swollen. The laces are strong and will not stretch or break with normal wear. The eyepatch is simple to care for: just machine wash (no bleach), reshape and dry flat and it is as good as new. The Patriot Patch comes in red, white and blue and is hand crafted in the USA. It is made of the finest quality mercerized cotton and is built to last. As with all my eye patches, it is available in sizes for adults, children and infants.
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